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It is assumed that Jews started settling in Zemun in the Middle Ages. However, according to the existing archival material, one can know with certainty that Jews resided in this city in 1726. The cemetery was founded in 1747. Between 1770 and 1780, Hevra Kadisha was established. There were two synagogues. The Ashkenazi synagogue on 5 Rabin Alkalaj Street was inaugurated in 1863 and the Sephardi Synagogue in 1871, at the address 3 Dubrovačka Street. out 1,000 Jews lived in Zemun. In the beginning of the 20th century, the Jewish population numbered around 1000. The number of the Holocaust survivors is 115. The Sephardi synagogue was demolished in 1947, there is no memorial-plaque. Ashkenazi synagogue exists today. The building is used as a restaurant and there is no memorial-plaque. The Jewish Community of Zemun is active today.
Jevrejsko groblje Zemun, Semlin Judenlager, Jevrejski logor na beogradskom Sajmištu, Evidencija preživelih Jevreja u Jugoslaviji 1946, I-II, Arhiv JONS, Novi Sad.

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