Serbian name
Bački Petrovac
Former name
Hungarian name
Slovak name
Báčsky Petrovec
German name
English description
Jews settled in Bački Petrovac in 1736. There is no information about the first prayer house, but it is presumed that it existed at the beginning of the 19th century, as there are data on rabbis and cantors dated prior to 1850. In the late 19th century the community adopted an Orthodox orientation. The new building of the synagogue was erected in 1905, on today address 4 Jana Labara Street. Apart from the synagogue, the community also owned a school, a mikveh, a building of the Jewish community and a cemetery. Before the beginning of the Second World War, about a hundred Jews lived in Bački Petrovac. 23 survived the Holocaust. The synagogue was demolished in 1961. There is no memorial-plaque.
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