City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Ada Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish Cemetery 2 Grobljanska Street 1948 Upon their return to Ada, the Holocaust survivors repaired the synagogue building damaged during the war and, subsequently, set up in it a monument to the victims. On the eve of their immigration to Israel in 1948, the monument was transferred to the Jewish cemetery. On the top of this rectangular shaped monument are engraved the years '1941-1945', below is a plaque with the commemorative inscription devoted to the last rabbi in Ada, Abraham David Hoffman. Underneath the commemorative inscription to the Rabbi are engraved names of the victims in alphabetical order using a combination of Hungarian, German, and Serbo-Croatian orthography (for example, last names: Dajč and Fišer are written in Serbo-Croatian, while Fränkel and Müller in German, first names: Jene and Roži written in Serbo-Croatian, as opposed to Sámuel and Klára written in Hungarian, etc.). The horizontal part, in a quite poor condition, lying on the ground is decorated with a semicircular marble plate with the Magen David engraved with letters ת ש ג ד ה ק -which indicate the years 1942-3, 1943-4, 1944-5 - (תש'ג), (תש'ד), (תש'ה), while the letter 'ק' stands for 'לפרט קטן' - excluding thousands. The inscription in Hebrew: 'אבינו מלכנו נקום לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיך השפוך' - Our Father, our King, avenge before our eyes, the blood of your servants that has been spilled (Psalm 79:10). The remainder of the inscription is almost unreadable, expect for the inscription in Hebrew: ' 'שמות הקדושים מקהילתינו שנהרגו ונשרפו על קד' ה'ש באושוויץ, באוקריינא, בהונגריא ובגרמניה' - The names of the martyrs from our community who were killed and burned for sanctification of the Name (Kiddush HaShem) in Auschwitz, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany. The choice of inscriptions and motifs reflects the fact that the local community belonged in large to the Orthodox branch of Judaism.
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