City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Kanjiža Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish Cemetery Vuka Karadžića Street 1948 1971 The monument to the victims was erected by the local Jewish community in the Jewish Cemetery 10 October 1948. The monument is divided into two parts by three columns made of artificial stone featuring traditional Jewish motifs: Magen David, Ner Tamid and the Torah Scroll. On the central part of the monument is the inscription in Hebrew that reads: 'שנזכור הקדושים שנהרגו מקהילתינו על קד 'ה'ש בשנת תש'ד' - To remember the holy from our community who were killed for sanctification of God's Name in the year 5704 (1943-1944). Below is the inscription in Serbo-Croatian that says: 'Remembering the Victims of 1941-1945'. While the inscription in Serbo-Croatian commemorates all victims of the war, the one in Hebrew emphasizes those people were killed because they were Jewish and because they kept their religion. On the left and right of the central column are two panels made of black marble, on which are inscribed the names of the victims according to Serbian orthographic standards. The monument was restored in 1971 by the local Association of Fighters of the National War of Liberation. In May 2004, the monument was vandalized, when one of the panels carrying the names of victims was torn down. The panel was restored and today the monument and the whole graveyard are in a relatively good condition thanks to the care and the enthusiasm of Mr. Miklós Kordován.
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