City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Kikinda Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish cemetery Topolski Road 1947 The monument to the victims in the Jewish cemetery was erected in 1947. The monument was erected by the Jewish community of Kikinda. The rectangle monument features Magen David on the top. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian commemorates 360 Jews of the Great Kikinda region who 'perished and disappeared as victims of the occupation.' Commemoration ceremonies have been held annually on August 14, marking the deportation of Jews from Kikinda in 1941.
Kikinda Indivual grave in the Jewish cemetery: Vilim Steiner Topolski Road 1947 The gravestone monument to Dr. Vilim Steiner (Slovakia 1886 - Kikinda, August 13, 1941), Chief Rabbi of the Kikinda region, was erected in the Jewish Cemetery in 1947. He was a Doctor of Philosophy, and served as a district rabbi from 1924 to 1941. In the first days of the occupation, German soldiers brought rabbi Steiner in the army barracks circle, where they tortured him, putting on his shoulders a harness and led him to pull a car filled with bricks. When the rabbi fell from exhaustion, he was allegedly beaten and returned home. When he came to consciousness in the evening, he committed suicide. The monument was erected by the Kikinda Jewish community. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian commemorates the last rabbi of the community, who perished as a victim of the occupiers.
Kikinda Memorial Plaque near the site where the Synagogue once stood 10 Dositejeva Street 1998 The memorial plaque in memory of the Kikinda Jewish community was unveiled in 1998 near the place where the synagogue, demolished in 1953, once stood. On the plaque is carved Magen David with the inscription in Serbian language saying: "Near this place between 1880-1953 stood the synagogue from which the Jews of Kikinda were taken to death on August 14, 1941. Remember not to forget." Below the inscription is engraved the image of the former synagogue. The names of the victims are inscribed in the background.
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