City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Mali Iđoš Memorial at the site where the Jewish Cemetery once stood 93 Glavna Street 1955 2014 The monument to the victims was unveiled in the Jewish Cemetery on July 17, 1955. The initiative for the monument came from the local Jewish community. The monument made of artificial stone resembles a tree with a broken branch. On the top of a white marble plaque mounted on the surface of the monument are engraved the years '1941-1945' and the Maged David on each side. Below is the inscription in Hungarian that reads: 'Drága Mártírjaink' - the Beloved Martyrs, and underneath are the names of the victims written in Hungarian. At the very bottom is the inscription in Serbo-Croatian: "Obnovila Mesna zajednica Mali Iđoš 2008"- It was restored by the Mali Iđoš Local Community Council in 2008. The cemetery was disbanded in 2000, the remains were exhumed, and tombstones transferred to the Jewish cemetery in Subotica. On this occasion, on the backside of the monument was mounted a white marble plaque with the inscription in Serbo-Croatian and Hungarian with almost identical content: Sahranjeni na Jevrejskom groblju u Malom Iđošu (Buried at the Jewish cemetery in Mali Iđoš); A kishegyesi zsidó temetőben elhantoltak névsora (The list of those who were buried in the Jewish cemetery in Mali Iđoš). Below are inscribed the names of the deceased whose remains were exhumed. Today, this monument is the only indicator of the former Jewish cemetery in Mali Iđoš. The monument was renovated by the local community in 2008. In June 2014, a commemoration was held on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of Jews from this town. In addition to the representatives of the Hungarian and Croatian diplomatic missions in Subotica and the Jewish community of Subotica, the commemoration was attended by representatives of local self-government, the local community, as well as the Reform and Catholic churches.
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