City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Mol Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish Cemetery 43 Grobljanska Street The monument to the victims was unveiled 2 November 1947 in the Jewish Cemetery. At the top of the monument is engraved Magen David with the inscription 'לזכרון עולם' - For Eternal Memory, and in Serbo-Croatian 'Uspomena'-Remembrance. The inscribed letters in the corners of the Magen David: ת ש ג ד ה ק - denote the years 1942-3, 1943-4, 1944-5 - (תש'ג), (תש'ד), (תש'ה), while the letter 'ק' stands for 'לפרט קטן' - excluding thousands. Below are the engraved names of victims, years of life, information about whether they were deported, died in a battle or murdered, and the places of their death. The inscription in Hebrew (based on the archival photograph) reads: 'שמות הקדושים מקהילתינו שנהרגו ונשרפו על קד 'ה'ש באושוויץ, בווקריינא, בהונגריא ובגרמניא'- Names of the martyrs from our community who were killed and burned for sanctification of the Name in Auschwitz, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany - points to the orthodox character of the community. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian says: ''Našim dragim neprežaljenim martirima nevinim žrtvama mrskog i podivljalog fašizma koji su nasilno odvedeni iz svojih domova i nemilosrdno zverski ubijeni daleko od svoje domovine u vremenu od 1941-1945' - To our dear martyrs whose loss can never be lamented enough, the innocent victims of the hateful and exuberant fascism, who were forcibly taken from their homes and mercilessly brutally killed away from their homeland in the period from 1941 to 1945. The inscriptions in two languages on the Mol memorial indicate the 'double' identification of victims, on the one hand as Jews, on the other, as Yugoslav victims of fascism. The monument is ill kept. A part of the marble slab is broken, and the monument itself is cover with overgrowth.
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