City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Pančevo Commemorative monument in memory of Alexander Haker, Jewish Cemetery 15 Josifa Marinkovića Street 2014 The commemorative monument in memory of Alexander Haker, upholsterer, the first Pančevo victim of Fascism of Jewish descent, stands in the Jewish cemetery. Haker was murdered on April 22, 1941. The monument was restored in 2014. We would like to thank to the Jewish community of Pančevo for the image.
Pančevo Memorial plaque on site of the former internment camp in the silk factory 4 Miloša Obrenovića Street 1951 The memorial plaque was unveiled on the wall of the former detention camp Svilara on October 6, 1951. The five-pointed star is engraved on the top of the plaque. The inscription below in Serbo-Croatian says "During 1941, this building was a camp of the fascist occupier where progressive citizens and fighters from the city of Pančevo and the surrounding area were imprisoned, some of whom gave their lives because they could not stand the enslavement of their people. Eternal glory to the fallen fighters for the liberation of our nations. October 6, 1951, Citizens of Pančevo". The inscription does not mention the destiny of the Jews interned in this camp. The internment of Jews and political opponents began on June 22, 1941, in this camp. During a short period, all Jews from the southern Banat, were brought here by the Germans from mid-August to September 21, 1941, were interned in Svilara. From there they were transferred to Belgrade. Women and children were handed over to Jewish communities to take care of them, and men, aged 14 and up, were interned in the Topovske šupe camp and killed by the end of October in the village of Jabuka, near Pančevo. The Jewish Community Pančevo is organizing an annual commemoration on August 15 by the memorial plaque, marking the day of the arrest and deportation of Jewish citizens of Pančevo and its surroundings.
Pančevo Memorial Complex 'Stratiste' 6 km from Pančevo on the road Pančevo-Jabuka 1981 2019 Stratište Memorial Complex – the Monument to the Victims of Fascist Terror, was erected on the road Pančevo-Jabuka, 6 km from Pančevo. It commemorates 12,000 Jews, Serbs, and Roma who were executed near and at this spot during World War II, between 1941 and 1944, according to orders of the Pančevo Police Chief Rudolf Kremling. In 1945, the memorial pyramid was erected to commemorate the victims. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian was the following: 'Niže ove humke počiva pepeo mase nevinih žrtava koje su pobile horde Hitlerovog Trećeg Rajha i Nemci iz Banata. Hitlerovi zlikovci spalili su kasnije njihove kosti da bi prikrili trag svog gnusnog zločina. Večan pomen nedužnim žrtvama. Večna sramota nemačkim varvarima' (translation: Underneath this burial mound lie the ashes of masses of innocent victims murdered by the hordes of Hitler's Third Reich and the Germans from Banat. Later on, Hitler's villains burned their bones to hide the trace of their abominable crime. Eternal memory to the innocent victims. Eternal shame on German barbarians). The monument was unveiled by the then president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Yugoslavia Dr. Friedrich Pops (1874-1948). In the1970s, the construction of a larger memorial complex was initiated. Architect Nebojša Delja (1934-) was commissioned to design the memorial complex. The memorial complex 'Stratište' was unveiled on November 22, 1981 - marking the fortieth anniversary of the beginning of the executions on this site. The monument recalls a stylized furrow. The inscription on the commemorative plaque originally adorned only with the red-pointed star is in Serbo-Croatian: 'Zvezda je na početku, zvezda je na kraju, crvene naše brazde' – The star is in the beginning, the star is at the end, of our red furrow. These lyrics were written by Vasko Popa (1922-1991), famous Yugoslav poet, born in the Banat region, himself who fought as a partisan and was, during the war, caught and imprisoned by the Germans. The inscription does not mention what happened at this site and who were the victims. In 2019, the plaque was replaced. Its design remained almost the same, only the top five-pointed star was replaced by the Magen David, the cross and the Roma "dharmachakra" wheel, symbolizing the ethnic origin of the victims. Commemorations on Yom HaShoah - the Holocaust Remembrance Day have been held annually on the site. The Jewish community of Pančevo and the Pančevo anti-fascist union organize and host commemorations on November 9, the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism (in memory of the Kristallnacht). The monument was vandalized in 2011 and several times during 2013, when the tips of the left-hand side furrow were broken and the plaque was stolen. In July 2014, the monument was again vandalized, when a whole furrow was stolen. The memorial is maintained by the Pančevo municipality.
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