City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Senta Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish cemetery Predgradski venac Street nn, between streets Novi Šor and Miksat Kalmana 1957 The monument to Jews of Senta-victims of fascism was unveiled on July 4, 1957, in the Jewish cemetery. Its erection was initiated by the Jewish community in Senta. The monument consists of a memorial wall and a black marble obelisk. Both feature Magen David on the top. The inscription on the obelisk in Hungarian reads: ''A zsidó üldöztetés gyászos éveiben 1941-1945 a fasiszták által elhurcolt és kiirtott vértanúk emlékére' – In the sad years of the Jewish persecution of 1941-1945, in commemoration of the martyrs deported and exterminated by the fascists. The memorial wall is covered with a canopy. The inscription on it is written in the arched strip made of pink marble with the Magen David in the center. The Magen David, like in Ada and Mol, features the letters ת ש ג ד ה ק - which denote the years 1942-3, 1943-4, 1944-5 - (תש'ג), (תש'ד), (תש'ה), while the letter 'ק' stands for 'לפרט קטן' - excluding thousands. The Magen David is incorporated into the following inscription in Hebrew that reads: ''שמות הקדושים מקהילתינו שנהרגו ונשרפו שנות 1942-45 על קד' ה'ש באושוויץ, אוקריינא, בהונגריא ובגרמניה- Names of the martyrs from our community who were killed and burned in the years 1942-45 for sanctification of God's Name in Auschwitz, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, and: 'אבינו מלכנו נקום לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיך השפוך '- Our Father, our King avenge before our eyes, the blood of your servants that has been spilled (Psalm 79:10). In the center of the Magen David is inscribed: 'לזכרון עולם ק'ה סענטא יצ'ו' - For eternal memory of the community of Senta; while the abbreviation 'ישמריהו צורו ויחיהו '- יצ'ו – means: May this rock guard him and keep alive. T Below are the names of those who perished written in Yiddish orthography. At the very bottom is written in Hebrew: שמות הכתובים כאן אין לסמוך עליהן לגיטין וקידושין-The names written here are not to confirm or deny be trusted for Gittin (Talmudic tractate) and Kiddushin (the sanctification of a marriage) and the name of Yitzhak Moshe Bleier, Senta. The nature and content of the Hebrew inscription point to the orthodox character of the community. On the back side of the memorial wall is mounted a plaque from 1926-1927 with the inscription of gratitude and the names of the donors for the Yesodot HaTorah society in memory of their family members who passed. By this memorial, annual commemoration ceremonies on the anniversary of the deportation of Jews of Senta (26 April 1944) are organized by the Jewish community of Subotica.
Senta Memorial to Five Jewish Antifascists in the Jewish Cemetery Predgradski venac Street nn, between streets Novi Šor and Miksat Kalmana In front of the memorial wall with inscribed names of the victims in the Jewish cemetery, are (empty) tombstones that commemorate five antifascists murdered on November 11, 1941: István Gerő, Dénes Löwy, Károly Löwy, István Müller and Mátyás Spiro. Through the work of Dr. Gerő, a number of young people from Senta joined the activities of the Liberation Movement, among them a number of Jewish youths. On October 1, 1941, the Hungarian authorities arrested Dr. Gerő, as well as young Jewish activists: Dénes Löwy, Károly Löwy, István Müller, Mátyás Spiro, and Aladar Binenfeld. The trial of the arrested men was held in Senta on November 7, 1941. The indictment specifically emphasized the role of the Jews in organizing and directing the People's Liberation Movement in the town. The Hungarian Fascist Court sentenced to death by hanging all of them except for Binenfeld who was sentenced to imprisonment. Hanging of the sentenced was carried out in Senta on November 11, 1941. The inscriptions on the gravestones only bring the names, the age of the hanged, and the word 'קדוש' - martyr. The remains of István Gerő, Dénes Löwy, Károly Löwy, István Müller and Mátyás Spiro were exhumed and transferred to the collective memorial tomb of the "Revolutionaries and Fallen Soldiers of Senta" in the eastern part of the Senta municipal cemetery.
Senta Memorial to the Victims of Fascism in the Upper City Cemetery 102 Arpadova Street 1976 The remains of five antifascists hanged on November 11, 1941 (István Gerő, Dénes Löwy, Károly Löwy, István Müller and Mátyás Spiro) were exhumed from the Jewish cemetery and transferred to the collective memorial grave of the revolutionaries and fallen soldiers of Senta in the eastern part of the City Cemetery in the Upper Town. The memorial was unveiled on October 8, 1976. It is the work of sculptor Nandor Glid (1924-1997). The monument made of metal has a shape of a bouquet made of elongated flowers with stems of different heights. The names of the victims are inscribed on the pettals. On the memorial plaque in front of the monument is the inscription in Serbo-Croatian and Hungarian, which commemorates the fallen fighters and the revolutionaries of the People's Liberation War. The monument was erected by the Alliance of the Veterans' Associations of the People's Liberation War.
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