City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Vrbas Memorial-ossuary to the Victims at the City Cemetery Srbobranski Road bb 1986 The Jewish cemetery was exhumed, and part of the gravestones were transferred to the address 4 October Street, while the remains were buried in a common grave in the town's main cemetery. The common grave made of black marble is also a monument to the victims of the Holocaust. It was erected in 1986. The inscriptions in Serbian and Hebrew commemorate 176 victims of fascism from (Tito's) Vrbas. I would like to thank mr. Neven Popović for the photograph.
Vrbas Memorial Plaque-Column on the site where the Synagogue once stood 51 Narodnog fronta Street The synagogue in Vrbas was built in 1914 and demolished in 1948, however, not in its entirety. Three external facade pillars as well as internal pillars have been preserved. The internal pillars were incorporated into a building that currently houses a local public library. In addition, the tablets of the covenant that adorned the synagogue were brought to Israel and have been incorporated into a monument in memory of the Vrbas community in Karmiel. One of the facade pillars was transformed into a memorial to fellow Jewish citizens of Vrbas and their synagogue, unveiled 24 November 1991. It stands at the site of the destroyed synagogue in Vrbas. The inscriptions on a hexagonal base in six languages (Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, German, English, Pannonian Rusyn, and Hebrew) have almost identical content: Let this column reminds us one the ruined temple and 176 Jews of Vrbas who had been killed only because they were Jews (Perhaps better translation from Serbo-Croatian would be: Let this pillar be a reminder to us all, of the destroyed temple and 176 Jews of Vrbas who were murdered only because they were Jews.) In Hebrew, however, the second part of the inscription (after mentioning the destroyed synagogue) is somewhat different: 'י176 יהודי ברבס שנהרגו בזמן נאציות-פשיזם רק מפני שהיו יהודים in translation: 176 Jews of Vrbas who were murdered during Nazism-fascism only because they were Jews. No commemoration ceremonies are held at this site.
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