City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Zrenjanin Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish cemetery Bašadinska Street 1947 The monument to the victims was erected in the Jewish cemetery in 1947. The monument features the five-pointed star and the Magen David. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian commemorates '1200 deported and killed Jews of the city of Petrovgrad' (the former name of Zrenjanin), underneath which is a partisan greeting 'Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People'. The Jewish cemetery was transferred to a new location at the end of the 1980s due to the expansion of the company 'Naftagas-Maintenance' situated near the cemetery. The tombs were transferred to a separate section at the evangelical cemetery.
Zrenjanin Memorial Plaque on site of the former internment camp in army barracks 2 Makedonska Street 1961 The memorial-plaque commemorating the Zrenjanin Jews was unveiled October 2, 1961 on site of the former army barracks (today the High School of Agriculture). In this building, Jews from Zrenjanin were detained at the very beginning of the war. They were held there until August 11, 1941, when they were deported to Belgrade, men to the Topovske šupe concentration camp and women and children, a few months later, to the Sajmište camp. The inscription in Serbo-Croatian says: 'In the first days of the occupation, there was a temporary camp in this building, through which 1278 Jews from Zrenjanin were transferred. From here, the enemy transported them to death camps. Only thirty-eight Jews from our city survived the war.' The memorial si dedicated by the Committee Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Uprising - Zrenjanin.' Annual commemoration ceremonies have been held on the site on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day-January 27. I would like to thank Ms. Violeta Mesaroš for the photograph.
Zrenjanin Memorial Plaque at the site where the Synagogue once stood Corner of Streets Sarajlijine and Jevrejske 1997 The memorial plaque commemorating Jews of Zrenjanin-victims of fascism, was unveiled in February 1997. The plaque was erected on the site where the synagogue once stood. The synagogue, designed by the famous Budapest architect of Jewish origin Lipót Baumhorn, was built in 1896 and demolished in 1941. The plaque was unveiled on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Jews in the city. The plaque is engraved with Magen David and the commemorative inscription in Serbian that says: 'In memory of 250th anniversary of the arrival of Jews to this area, in honor to their contribution to the development of our city, participation in the national liberation struggle and in commemoration of 1260 victims who gave their lives in the Second World War ...' The creation and mounting of the plaque was initiated by the Jewish Community of Zrenjanin. Representatives of the Jewish Community of Zrenjanin and of the Municipal Authorities organize annual commemoration ceremonies by this plaque on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27).
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