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Bačka Topola Memorial to the Victims of Fascism in the Jewish Cemetery 52 Široka Street The memorial plaque was unveiled in the Jewish cemetery soon after World War II, probably sometime before 1948 (probably between 1945 and 1948). The plaque is placed on one of the walls of Beit Tahara. The plaque carries the inscription in Serbo-Croatian saying: 'victims of fascism 1941-1945' and in Hebrew 'לזכרון עולם' - for eternal memory. The plaque is decorated with two engraved Stars of David on each side of the inscription. Below are the names of the victims, written in Latin script in alphabetical order, according to Serbian spelling. On 22 April 2012, at the entrance to the cemetery was inaugurated the memorial wall with the inscriptions in Hebrew, Hungarian, Serbian, and English, 'in the memory of those who lie in mounds unknown.' The memorial-wall was designed by architect Zoltán Beck. The memorial wall is made of red brick. On the left-hand side is a memorial plaque made of black stone carrying the commemorative inscription. On the right-hand side is a relief titled "Mass Grave" by Erzsébet Cservenák, retired fine arts teacher and ceramist, consisted of 21 ceramic tiles with motifs in color red and black. On some of the tiles are recognizable human features (head, hand, foot), on others color stains are reminiscent of spilled red blood or black wire or smoke. Above it is the Magen David in a circular frame, all made of blue and white ceramic tiles. The commemoration ceremonies called “Memento” began at the Jewish cemetery in 2002 at the initiative of local historian Antal Kocsis and the Film-Museum Civil Organization [Film-Múzeum Civil Szervezet], of whom Kocsis is a president. Today, the Film-Museum along with the Jewish Community of Subotica and the local municipality organize annual commemoration ceremonies on the anniversary of the deportations (deportations took place between April 16 and June 20, 1944) of Bačka Topola Jews by these two memorials.
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