City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Bački Petrovac Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish cemetery 11 Borisa Kidriča Street 2012 The monument to the victims was erected in the Jewish Cemetery immediately after World War II. The monument is made of black and white stone in the shape of an upright stele crowned an engraved Magen David. At the very bottom is an inscription in Slovak: 'Našim milym a nezapomenutelnym martyrom ktori sa daleko od svojej vlasti stali obetou ohavneho fašizmu,' commemorating: our dear and unforgettable martyrs who fell victim to hideous fascism far from their homeland. The upper section carries the inscription in Hebrew: 'שמות הקדושים מקהילתינו שנהרגו ונשרפו על קד' ה'ש באושוויץ, באוקריינא, בהונגריא ובגרמניא' - The names of the martyrs from our community who were killed and burned for sanctification of the Name (Kiddush HaShem) in Auschwitz, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany' and the text from the Avinu Malkeinu prayer: 'אבינו מלכנו נקום לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיך השפוך' - Our Father, our King avenge before our eyes, the blood of your servants that has been spilled (Psalm 79:10). The monument also carries a commemorative inscription to the last the Rabbi Shammai Zilber and his wife Rivka and gives names of the victims written in Yiddish orthography. The use of Hebrew and the content of the inscription preserve the Orthodox character of the community. The ESJF set up a fence around the cemetery in 2017.
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