City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Bačko Petrovo Selo Memorial to the Victims in the Jewish cemetery 76 Petra Drapšina Street 1947 The memorial honoring 274 Holocaust victims was erected in the Jewish cemetery on July 13, 1947. The inscription on the memorial is in Hebrew and Serbo-Croatian. There is also a separate inscription in memory of the last community's Rabbi and rabbinical judge Shlomo Präger and his wife Rivka. Names of the victims are written in Hebrew letters in Yiddish orthography. The inscription in Hebrew reads 'אבינו מלכנו נקום לעינינו נקמת דם עבדיך השפוך' - Our Father, our King avenge before our eyes, the blood of your servants that has been spilled (Psalm 79:10). The inscription tells us that God's righteousness requires payment for murder or unjust death, with the message that the ultimate goal is punishment of the perpetrators, not revenge. The other inscription in Hebrew says: 'שמות הקדושים מקהילתינו שנהרגו ונשרפו על קד' ה'ש באושוויץ, באוקריינא, בהונגריא ובגרמניה' - The names of the martyrs from our community who were killed and burned for sanctification of the Name (Kiddush HaShem) in Auschwitz, Ukraine, Hungary and Germany. The fact that this memorial and others to the communities on the West bank of the Tisza River share a number of similarities, we can claim that there are certain patterns of commemoration present within the orthodox Jewish communities. Based on the archival image of the monument held at the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade, we see that originally the memorial was topped with the Magen David, which, however, has been missing.
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