City Name Address Year unveiled Year renovated Image Description
Bečej Memorial to the Victims of the Raid of 1942 Šlajz, the mouth of the Great Bačka Canal into the Tisa River 1982 The memorial complex to the victims of the 1942 Raid in Bečej was erected in 1982. It was designed by architect Milorad Berbakov (1936-2006) in the style of abstract art. It stands by the river mouth of the Great Bačka Canal to the Tisa River. In the pogrom of January 26-28, 1942, about 400 Jews, Roma, and Serbs were killed. The names of 214 victims that have been identified are carved on five suspended marble slabs that construct the memorial. Commemoration ceremonies have been held by the monument annually, on January 27, commemorating both the victims of the raid but also marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Commemorations are attended by the representatives of the Embassy of Israel in Serbia and of local Jewish communities, as well as Rabbi Isak Asiel, Chief Rabbi of Serbia.
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