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Bogojevo Grave in the Jewish Cemetery: Verislav Bernard Eliezer Feier Grobljanska bb Street Although there are only about twenty tombstones in the Jewish cemetery, on one of them there is an epitaph dedicated to a victim of World War II- captain Verislav Bernard (Eliezer) Feier/or Fayer; 3.1.1904-11.12.1944). There are only a few scant data about Feier, that he was born on January 3, 1904, in Mol, to Bernat. He had two brothers and a sister Barbara. Eliezer married Klara née Adler. Klara was born in 1906 in the village of Bački Petrovo Selo. They had 6 children. Eliezer died in 1944 at the age of 40. It is interesting that Eliezer Feier's name is not mentioned in the list of Jewish participants of the Yugoslav Peoples' War of Liberation (Romano, Jaša. Jevreji Jugoslavije 1941-1945. Žrtve Genocida i učesnici Narodnoslobodilačkog rata. Belgrade: Jevrejski istorijski muzej saveza jevrejskih opština Jugoslavije, 1980). His wife Klara and two sons - Reuben and Shimshon, survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Israel. They erected this monument. On the website in memory of the fallen Israeli policemen is the name Reuben Robert Feier, Eliezer's eldest son, who died on 20/08/1987 at the age of 54. The website also says that in 1944-1945, as a child, Reuven joined his father who fought with the partisans ( Eliezer's grave has a shape of an obelisk and is made of grey stone. On the epitaph, the inscription in Hebrew says that Feier died in the Partisans fighting around the village of Bogojevo: קפיטן וריסלב ברנרד אליעזר פייר 3.1.1904 -ט״ז טבת תרס״ד כ״ה כסלו תש״ה -11.12.1944 נהרג בהיותו בן 40 כלוחם גיבור ביחידת הפרטיזנים בקרבה הכפר בוגויבו מכל אוהביך קלרה, בניך ומשפחות פייר בארץ ישראל זכרך בליבנו לעד Translation: Captain Verislav Bernard Eliezer Feier, 3.1.1904 - 16 Tevet 5664 11.12.1944 -25 Kislev 5705 Killed when he was 40 As a hero fighter in the partisan unit Near the village of Bogojevo From all those who love you Klara, your sons and the Feier families in Israel The memory of you is in our hearts forever At the bottom of the monument is engraved in Serbo-Croatian a slogan of the Yugoslavian partisan movement: 'Death to Fascism, Freedom to the People'. The monument was erected by the Feier family from Israel. I would like to thank Mr. Neven Popović for the photographs of this grave.
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